Creating backlinks, offline

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Whilst there are multiple well-known methods for getting backlinks online, many business website owners fail to capitalise on the chances in the real world to get backlinks.

For instance, every time you attend a local networking event or a Chamber of Trade meeting, this will give you a perfect opportunity to ask all those present to add a link to your website on their own site(s). A quick visit to the offices of any local directories may also prove fruitful, because personal approaches are always more effective than emails asking for a link exchange.

Approach your local college or university and offer to run an event on one particular aspect of your skillset. If you market this well you should be able to get media coverage which will help with your local SEO as well as the event providing you with the opportunity to meet people interested in your chosen topic for the event, and potentially find new customers.

Support local events and charities in exchange for backlinks on their websites, as well as offline marketing e.g. a logo at the event, a poster in the shop window or even a magnetic sign on any vehicles the charity has.

Think out of the box - offer a freebie to one backlinker each month. You can do this online, but why not use the notice board in your local supermarket, library, or the corner shop? Make your poster stand out, emphasise the 'prize' and include contact details so that every linker can tell you they have entered your competition. Or you can put a door hanger on the door of every local business with an online presence asking for a link on their site. If you have a service or product that may be of interest to them, don't forget to promote that too.

Review local products and services. Complementary not competitive to your business and this will give you the benefit of creating additional content for your website, email newsletter, blog, and so on.

What other offline techniques would you use to get backlinks? Please share your ideas....

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