Creative ways to promote your brand via Pinterest

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Creating social media marketing content that is both captivating and engaging can be difficult - especially if you've been running campaigns, on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare for a while.

Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site and is quickly growing in popularity.

Reported to have a user base consisting largely of women under the age of 45, the image sharing website could easily be used to market a brand.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Kalia Strong, has listed a number of creative ways in which brands could use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

Here are some of the ideas featured on Strong's list:

Give your brand a face - Pinterest can be used as platform on which you can display how your business is different and what it stands for - with imagery.

Highlighting members of staff or your working environment  can give people a face with which to associate to your brand. A relatively easy step to take, it will give your brand a more human appearance.

Promote your image content - Before taking this step, do some initial research; look at how other brands are utilising Pinterest for this purpose, Strong suggests.

Product images, designs and infographics can be posted onto Pinterest to promote your firm's products or services.

Strong goes on to add: "Stylists, fashion editors and personal shoppers can feature their image content to help them sell their services. Their style and ability to put together an outfit can be easily translated through a board on Pinterest."

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