CRO News Roundup: How To Find Landing Page Copy Inspiration In Unusual Places

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Take a look at the latest in CRO news and advice from ClickThrough including finding copy inspiration in unusual places, using power words, and the importance of data-driven research for user experience.

How to find landing page copy inspiration in unusual places

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As a copywriter, finding fresh inspiration for your user-driven copy can be an uphill struggle. But Unbounce has offered up their tips for writing great landing page copy, by looking outward and getting some original inspiration. Use the following tips below to add a new lease of life to your converting copy.

  1. Use emotional memories to your advantage
  2. Gain inspiration from your social media feeds
  3. Look up some awe-inspiring first lines from novels
  4. Study the three-act structure that works so well for fiction
  5. Wade through some quality headlines
  6. Don’t rule out gaining inspiration from great public speakers
  7. Don’t forget about visual imagery that sparks emotion
  8. What have your competition missed?
  9. Don’t disregard children’s media that should be concise just like your copy

Harness the power of ‘power words’

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The infamous power word. It not only invites you to purchase, but it convinces you that you need the product that’s on your screen. With the clever use of power words, marketers can connect with users, successfully convincing them to buy. So what type of words should you be using according to Crazy Eggs’ Peter Boyle? Take a look at some of his pointers on using power words, below:

  1. Play on the fears of your user
  2. Emphasise urgency with an offer that won’t last
  3. Employ scarcity tactics with an exclusive deal
  4. Show the user you can be trusted
  5. Appeal to the user’s curiosity
  6. Use “you” and “your” to talk directly to your user

What are the six primary dimensions of UX research?

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When it comes to creating landing pages for a great user experience, data should inevitably be your starting point. According to User Testing we should consider the following dimensions of UX research to drive conversions from your landing pages.

  1. Define your objectives right from the start
  2. Use a combination of quantitative and qualitative data in your research
  3. Find the best testing environment for your objectives (and your budget)
  4. Consider the options of whether you communicate with testing participants directly or indirectly
  5. Ask yourself if your testing needs to be moderated or not
  6. Do your objectives require a short study (one visit) or a longer length of time to determine the users’ journey?

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