CRO News Roundup: Using Copy to Convert

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Richard Chapman brings you the latest conversion and analytics news, trends and blogs.

Writing for Mr Spock

Art Anthony offers a unique take on how to create persuasive copy writing without being pushy in his blog post on Kissmetrics this month. He suggests writing for Mr. Spock, the emotionally detached Vulcan from Star Trek.

Mr Spock Emotions

By creating, fresh, clean copy that deals only with fact you will create content that is directive.

He also advises to always think of the three corners of your copy writing triangle: medium, product and customer, totally logical of course.

Understanding The Six Principles of Persuasion

Talia Wolf looks at how to utilise the psychology of persuasion to increase conversion rates in her Kissmetrics blog. She details Dr. Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion as key to conversion. These are:

  1. Reciprocity – give in order to receive. This could be free copy, signing up to a newsletter etc.
  2. Commitment and Consistency – get customers to commit, even if it’s just for a one-month free trial
  3. Social Proof – use testimonials, reviews and partner logos to instil trust
  4. Liking – people buy from people they like. Build trust and a good relationship with your clients
  5. Scarcity – tap into the ‘fear of missing out’. People will rush to buy something on a ‘limited time offer’
  6. Authority – use testimonials from experts, reference important research and studies

Content + Presentation = Conversion

Content is at the heart of optimisation, but without the visual clues to engage your audience your dazzling copy will go un-noticed, says Peter Boyle in his Crazy Egg blog.

He advises that you structure your page according to AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

AIDA nodel

His quick-fix tips for optimising site design to assist in content take up include:

  • Typography – choose an easy to read font in a good size
  • Colour – It’s not all about Amazon orange. Use a palette of complimentary contrasting colours

How To Avoid Friction Points in the Conversion Funnel


Mark John Hiemstra reported back from Day 1 of the Call To Action Conference (CTA) with a concise review of a recurring theme – avoiding friction in his Unbounce blog.

He cites email optimisation and optimising all other client touchpoints as vital to success.

How To Write for the Skim Reader

It’s a new take on the 80:20 rule – on average users only read 20% of the content on a page.

Jack Simpson from Econsultancy shares his tips on how to write for page scanners who skim read.

According to eye-tracking studies, we read online content in an ‘F’ pattern:

  1. First, we scan horizontally across the first paragraph
  2. Then we scan horizontally further down
  3. Finally, we vertically scan the left side of the content

Content heat mapping An eye-tracker shows how users view data in an 'F' pattern

His tips for crafting your content for skim readers includes:

  • Using bullet list
  • Employing descriptive subheadings
  • Write in short paragraphs.
  • One idea = one paragrapj
  • Don’t be afraid of white space
  • Highlight key points in bold.
  • Front-end copy with the most important information.

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