E-Commerce News Roundup: Moltin Takes On Magento

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Richard Plant takes us through the week's latest e-commerce news, including new software on the block, Moltin; what e-commerce can learn from peak seasons; and Aldi's breakthrough into online.

Moltin to Challenge Magento and Shopify

Moltin Logo

New software on the block, Moltin, has just raised $2 million (£1.4million) in seed capital to develop its new e-commerce product, a likely challenger for Magento and Shopify. With a reported 5,000 developers on board and counting, industry experts are expecting big things. Moltin founder, Adam Sturrock, said:

The e-commerce technology space is still plagued with huge problems despite the number of players – which is indicative of a market that hasn’t had it’s issues truly solved yet. We’ve solved that problem in a really simple way, and it means building for websites, apps, even virtual or augmented reality is simple, and practically identical, no matter which technology you choose.

What the E-Commerce Business Learned this Holiday Season

Tech news outlet, CIO, published its top 12 lessons that the e-commerce business learned this holiday season, including reading the consumer correctly to providing exceptional customer service. Find the summarised list below.

  1. Plan your holiday marketing efforts early (before November)
  2. Ensure your store is properly stocked.
  3. Make sure your site can handle the additional holiday traffic.
  4. Think mobile.
  5. Personalize your holiday email campaigns.
  6. Include Instagram in your marketing mix
  7. Remember that consumers are looking for deals
  8. Offer holiday promotions the week before Thanksgiving
  9. Don’t ignore Black Friday
  10. Let customers know about critical shipping dates – and make sure you can deliver
  11. Provide exceptional online customer service
  12. Make returning items easy – and free (if possible)

Aldi Breaks into E-Commerce as it Starts Selling Wine Online

Aldi sign

German discount supermarket, Aldi, is investing £35 million into its new e-commerce site. Starting with the sale of wine - cycling wear, electrical items, clothing and camping equipment are all expected to be introduced later in the year.

More Online Retail News

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