eBay Adopts Accelerated Mobile Pages

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You can now browse eBay ‘with style and speed’ due to its implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). The AMP project, which allows publishers to provide faster loading times on mobile pages, was first introduced in February 2016 to a number of news outlets.

Does eBay’s Adoption of AMPs Mean the Project is Reaching the Wider Web?

Information regarding the growth and expansion of AMPs released in May 2016, coupled with the announcement that eBay will now be supporting AMP pages for its predominantly transaction-based site, has been recognised by many webmasters as the beginning of a larger introduction for AMPs across the web.

eBay’s announcement appears to show Google’s attempt to extend AMPs past news outlets alone. eBay has stated that the ‘amp/’ parameter can currently be added to any eBay URL when on the mobile site to see the accelerated mobile page. The parameter also shows a different design when entered on desktop.

This update means that AMPs are now available across e-commerce and lead generation websites, allowing the page to be altered by simply amending the URL parameter once implemented on the site.

Following the current growth period of AMPs, it may not be long before other websites across the web are offering Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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