eCommerce News Roundup: Poundland Enters eCommerce Market

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Richard Plant details the latest e-Commerce news, including Poundland’s first transactional website, tips for US retailers launching UK sites and why UK SMEs should follow China’s e-Commerce example.

Poundland Trials e-Commerce Website

Poundland launched its first transactional website at the start of September, in a bid to tap into the growing UK e-Commerce economy.

Poundland advert

The site is trialling with 2,000 items on offer at the fixed price of £1 to UK customers only, with a £4 delivery fee for all shoppers spending less than £50. Delivery is free to those spending more than £50. A click and collect trial is planned for 2016.

Poundland currently serves 5.3 million customers a week at its 550 UK stores, but with a recent study from Tryzens showing that lower-income shoppers spend up to 40% of their income online, Poundland could be onto a winner with its new e-Commerce site.

Top 5 Tips for US Retailers Launching UK e-Commerce Sites

American flag 560 w

In the week that American Eagle launched a localised website for UK customers, Essential Retail detailed its five things US retailers need to consider before launching a UK e-Commerce site. These include:

  1. Provide a Pound Sterling Price – some American brands have been keeping the same dollar price for UK customers, meaning that UK buyers are spending more. US retailers need to have a good pricing strategy that offers value for money.
  2. Meet UK Logistics Standards – UK customers have come to expect quick delivery, returns and click & collect services. US retailers need to mirror this with their online service.
  3. Introduce your Brand – If physical stores are not an option, then make sure shoppers feel as comfortable as possible to try your new brand. Provide localised websites and, for clothing, offer locally used measurements and a fitting guide.
  4. Put Customers First – Put the customer before the design and look of the website – make sure the website follows how the customer wants to make their journey.
  5. Use Localised Design – Consider the type of language and tone of voice you need to use when talking to a British audience.

What UK SMEs Can Learn from China’s e-Commerce Revolution

Patrick Tsang, executive director of GNet Group, an e-commerce company based in China, offers his insight into what the UK’s SMEs can learn from China’s e-Commerce growth in his article on Talk Business.

Chinese Yuan

UK SMEs account for 60% of private sector employment, in China they account for 80%, showing the importance of this sector to the economy of both countries.

With the EU economy still trading virtually flat, Tsang says UK SMEs need to look at seeking new trading partners in emerging economies, such as China, to grow, diversify and internationalise. He quotes Forrester Research, which forecasts that China’s e-Commerce value will reach US$1 trillion by 2019.

10 Tips for Optimising Instagram for eCommerce

Samantha Collier offers her top 10 tips for using Instagram as an e-Commerce vehicle in her article on Practical Ecommerce.

Instagram follow

She recommends the following to help build your Instagram following and engagement:

  1. Always add a link to your profile
  2. Forget Twitter because its integration with Instagram does not support previews
  3. Create custom locations
  4. Stick to the hashtag rule
  5. Think small – remember most users access Instagram on mobile
  6. Use add-on apps to create different content formats
  7. Repurpose content – link in to other networks
  8. Be part of the community – comment, post, like
  9. Represent your customers – report to strengthen the brand experience
  10. Post daily

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