Google AdWords enhanced campaigns set to shake-up PPC

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Google is set to shake up the world of AdWords and PPC marketing with the launch of enhanced campaigns.

The shift in approach will see AdWords campaigns become device independent - completely removing the ability to pitch different campaigns to mobile, tablet or desktop.

This means that future PPC marketing campaigns will have to incorporate an all in one approach across the devices.

What the changes also mean is that advertisers will be able to target people in the right place, at the right time much more specifically.

For instance, advertisers will be able to place bids in a way that not only targets the customer in close proximity to one of their branches and during normal trading hours, but also in a way which specifically targets mobile. By doing this advertisers will ensure that they have the maximum possibility of getting their adverts out to the right customer.

Google believes that the changes will also allow advertisers to simplify budget allocations and that it will deliver new conversion types; allowing Internet marketers to track multiple types of conversion.

For PPC experts there will only be a few months to adjust to the changes as accounts that are not migrated over to enhanced campaigns by the end of June 2013 will automatically find themselves migrated by Google.

Google has a number of stats explaining its more mobile focussed push, pointing specifically at the fact mobile search has grown 400% in only a couple of years.

In terms of business, 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information according to the firm with 61% then calling a business after conducting the search - 59% visited the location in question.

Perhaps most significant of all however, is the stat from Google which suggest that half of mobile searches (50%) then led to a purchase.

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