Enthusiasm for social media marketing on the wane?

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The results of a recent study have shown that many marketers are continuing to question the use of social media as an internet marketing technique to drive sales, according to an article published by Marketing Week.

Conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the study found that just 23 per cent of marketers hold the belief that social channels will help them attract new customers.

Results also displayed that just over a third (34.5 per cent) of the 1,500 marketers participating in the study felt that their company's social media activity conducted last year (2011) was "not at all effective."

Just 13.7 per cent responded that they felt it was "extremely effective."

Head of social media at o2, Alex Pearmain, stated that engagement was the key element of social media success.

He said: "Social media can make money, but businesses need to have a broader view of how it can do this. If someone invests in direct response and wants a return within 10 days, I would query the use of social media.

"However. if it is a longer-term approach to drive customer engagement and customer value, then social media is more appropriate."

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