Facebook Algorithm Now More Influenced By User Feedback

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Pages owners take note. Asking for more clicks and likes on your Facebook page will not necessarily make for good visibility.

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From February, Facebook’s news feed algorithm will more prominently rely on surveys and user feedback to determine your page’s visibility in news feeds, as opposed to likes and shares.

Facebook stated:

The actions people take on Facebook—liking, clicking, commenting or sharing a post—are historically some of the main factors considered to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed. But these factors don’t always tell us the whole story of what is most meaningful to you.

This change has come about to improve the users’ experience, placing content that is more relevant to them directly in their news feed. This update to the news feed algorithm will look at the probability that users would want to see particular content at the top of their news feed and the fact that they will probably engage with the content by clicking, sharing or liking.

For page owners this may mean that your content distribution will either improve or decline. The tens of thousands of surveys that users are being shown on Facebook will ask them to determine how much they want to see specific content in their news feeds. This, along with the worldwide user testing panel, will determine whether your content distribution improves or not.

Facebook described how this could affect some page owners, stating that:

Pages might see some declines in referral traffic if the rate at which their stories are clicked on does not match how much people report wanting to see those stories near the top of their news feed.

According to Facebook, social media marketers should continue to post content that is useful and meaningful to users, not to simply encourage clicks.

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