Facebook begins to implement featured ads in users' newsfeeds

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Social networking site, Facebook, has announced that it is in the process of implementing adverts into users' news feeds, according to an article published by New Media Age.

Previously dubbed "Sponsored Stories," the feature is now being referred to as "Featured" ads.

The adverts work in a similar way to the Sponsored Stories adverts - appearing based on interaction with a particular brand.

Facebook - a site popular with social media marketing professionals - has revealed that posts from a brand's page - providing the user has already Liked that page - and information relating to a user's friends interactions with that particular brand will appear in the Featured Ads.

Commenting on the rollout, a Facebook spokeswoman said: "We'll be labelling these stories as Featured instead of Sponsored. We are using the term Featured because we want to make it clear to people that they're seeing content from a page or person they have chosen to connect with.

"Since people can see marketing messages from both pages they have and have not Liked elsewhere on Facebook, we want to make it clear that marketers can only pay for stories to be featured in your news feed if you have explicitly like the page.

"And because you are always connected to your friends, we are also labelling stories from your friends that have been paid to be featured in your news feed as Featured to keep things consistent," the spokeswoman concluded.

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