Facebook Launches 'Lookalike Audiences' To Aid Social Media Marketing

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Facebook has officially rolled out  a new advertising app designed to help Internet marketers reach new audiences.

The Lookalike Audiences ad tool is now available across the globe.

The latest ad tool from Facebook joins its Custom Audiences tool, which offers marketers further ways to tap into their existing customer databases in order to develop their Facebook strategy. Custom Audiences takes this a step further by allowing marketers to target interests or user demographics.

Facebook said the feature could aid businesses when advertising to customers sharing similar interests in five ways. These are fan acquisition, off-Facebook purchases, brand awareness, coupon claims and site registration.

The new ad tool allows those using Facebook to conduct social media marketing for their business to tweak their Facebook ads in one of two ways, either for 'Similarity' or for 'Greater reach'.

By opting for 'Similarity', the advertisers ad will go out to the top one per cent of users across their selected country who share interests to the Custom Audience set.

Alternatively, those optimising their ad for 'Greater reach' will see the top five per cent of people in the selected country incorporated into their Lookalike Audience.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, had previously stressed to analysts in January the firm needed to further capitalise on the ad opportunities it had.

He said: "There's a big opportunity in front of us to make every ad that we're showing a lot better.

"The biggest ways we're going to do this are by improving targeting and relevance so we can show everyone content that they care more about and by designing better ad products that aren't just about links and text and images."

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