Facebook Launches Mobile Advertising Network

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Facebook has announced the launch of its much-anticipated mobile advertising network - the Facebook Audience Network.

The network will enable marketers to advertise on third-party mobile apps, without having to worry about selling the ads, targeting them to the appropriate audience, or handling engagement measurement. All of this will be handled by the social media giant.

Users will be targeted based on the information they share on Facebook, whilst marketers will be able to advertise through standard banner ads and custom units.

The Facebook Audience Network will also enable developers to determine the types of ads they want to be displayed on their apps.

From the initial roll-out, which will happen during the next couple of months, Facebook will start to offer app install and engagement ads.

The money paid by the advertisers will be split between Facebook, who will take a cut, and third-party developers.

Speaking at the Facebook F8 Conference in San Francisco, the social media site's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, stated: "The Mobile ecosystem needs a way to deliver these kind of native personalised ads to people, and I'm glad we can deliver more than one million active advertisers to your apps."

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