Facebook mobile ad launch in the pipeline?

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Popular amongst social media marketing professionals, Facebook is set to capitalise on the growth in Internet usage on mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) by launching mobile adverts, according to an article published by New Media Age.

Although Facebook has significantly expanded its presence on mobile devices in the past year, it has yet to take advantage of mobile adverts.

Reported in the Financial Times, it has been rumoured that mobile adverts could be unveiled and rolled-out in the next couple of weeks; Facebook are also thought to be in discussions with ad agencies to integrate Sponsored Stories into the news feeds displayed on mobile devices too.

Sponsored Stories were previously launched earlier this year with the name Featured Stories; these ads appear in a Facebook user's news feed - displaying their friends interactions with various brands.

These latest rumours follow Facebook's decision to file an IPO (initial public offering) last week to raise an estimated $5 billion.

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