Five content marketing benefits of an industry news feed

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An industry news feed helps keep your customers informed about the latest happenings in your sector. Importantly, it can be a great way to improve your on-site content, keyword association and traffic from Google News. Here, ClickThrough Marketing copywriter Jack Adams reviews five big content marketing benefits of an industry news feed.

The old adage ‘no news is good news’ isn’t strictly true. At least, in the world of Internet marketing.

The inclusion of an industry news feed on your site would certainly be ‘good news’, and could provide your site with a real boost.

There are lots of benefits of a news feed. It provides fresh content, which Google loves. You can tap new traffic avenues if your feed makes it into Google News. You can bolster organic rankings with “News for” terms attached to your keywords.

The only real problem with industry news is finding SEO-trained journalists to create it for you.

Here, I’ll look at five benefits of having an industry news feed on your site: which should provide some decent food for thought for those still undecided about whether to play Paxman.

ATTRACT INCOMING SEARCH TRAFFIC – People are constantly searching the Internet for information, especially when it comes to breaking news. You’ll know this yourself: you hear a whisper of an escaped bear in Chicago, and you’re straight onto Google, searching: “escaped bear Chicago” to find the latest.

If you can provide new information, a greater amount of context, or pick out a fresh angle in the big news in your sector, you may well find traffic to your site rises significantly.

You can boost this even further by submitting your news feed to Google News. There are special requirements for this: you can’t write advertising copy, your news must be produced by a list of named authors, and your URL structure has to include numbers. An actual, real human will decide whether your news can be listed in Google News, so don’t try to pull any tricks.

If your news feed provides genuine, objective and fresh content, there’s no reason not to go for Google News.

Bear in mind, if you’re producing news yourself, to consider the search terms people are likely to use to find your content. If you miss out on crucial keywords, you’ll miss out on traffic: it’s really that simple.

Keyword inclusion isn’t a guarantee for traffic: but a site with the right target keywords has a far greater chance of attracting visitors than one without.

As with all news, it’s also vital to get your content out there as soon as possible, in order to capitalise on a high volume of incoming searches. If a story has broken on a Monday morning, it is incredibly unlikely that your site is going to reap the traffic rewards if you decide to publish an article on the issue the following afternoon. Remember that the early bird catches the worm.

MAKE YOUR BUSINESS STAND OUT AS AN AUTHORITY – With well-written industry news content, which boasts an authoritative tone, it is possible to consolidate or enhance your business’ reputation as a trustworthy organisation.

By publishing on a regular basis, the stories featured on your site’s news section could be used to show off the knowledge within your business – perhaps utilising your experts to predict patterns or pass comment on news topics within your particular sector. This will really hammer home that you know what you’re talking about.

The presence of a news feed will also display that your business is aware of, and cares about the developments within its industry. For B2B, this is imperative.

It could have a positive effect on potential customers or clients – imputing that, as an authority, you can be relied upon to provide high quality products and services.

IMPROVE YOUR SITE’S SEO VALUES - Since the introduction of Google’s Panda algorithm it has become vitally important to ensure your site features high-quality, naturally-optimised content. Spammy, keyword-crammed content that previously managed to trick Google into gaining good rankings is now a big no-no, even though it can still be found tarnishing many sites.

Panda essentially punishes the rankings of sites featuring stuffed content or irrelevant keywords – this limits their visibility to those using the search engine – and in turn, rewards sites featuring examples of good, unique and fresh content.

Therefore, if done properly, a good industry news section, featuring content that doesn’t read like it’s been written by a robot and hasn’t been plagiarised from elsewhere, with appropriate keywords and an interesting angle, could really bolster your site’s SEO.

INFORM YOUR AUDIENCE – There’s a pitfall in the minds of many SEOs that all on-page content has to do is please Google. That attitude is inexplicable and wrong. Your aim, always, is human customers: the ones who spend their money with you. Google should always be a secondary requirement. Essentially, if you are writing well for your customers, you are writing well for Google.

It’s important to remember that your audience isn’t necessarily going to have the time, interest or motivation to trawl the Internet for news from your sector – especially if it’s quite niche; so in essence, you could use this opportunity to act as an aggregator, providing searchers with the most important stories, and those which are most likely to attract them to your site.

BENEFIT FROM SOCIAL SHARES – Once you have an industry news section set up on your site, you should ensure that your audience has the opportunity to share the content on social media sites – such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

In the age of social media, people don’t hesitate to share interesting or quirky news they’ve found with friends, followers and acquaintances via social media sites. The more social shares your news gets, the wider your audience becomes – which should certainly motivate you to want to create captivating news content for your site. Social media essentially provides a free pair of marketing legs that will walk right up to brand new customers if you get your content right.

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