Five Great Google AdWords Tools

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Setting up Google AdWords campaigns can be a time-consuming process; and once they’re up and running, accounts need regular monitoring to ensure they’re bringing in the best ROI. Our own free Google AdWords tool, BidCops, can make this process much easier by helping identify areas for improvement on an account.

Here are a few other tools PPC management professionals can add to their arsenal:

1. Conversion Tracking

The Conversion Tracking tool makes it easier to tell which ads and keywords are producing good conversions. Marketers can use this information to hone future marketing efforts; for example, by adding extra content to a site that will interest site visitors clicking through from specific ads, or using placement-targeted campaigns to advertise on specific sites.

2. Conversion Optimizer

This PPC tool can take some of the work out of managing an AdWords account.

The aim of this tool is to reduce CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and improve your conversion rate by automatically adjusting bids.

It works well for the majority; however, it does sometimes have a habit of disabling low volume pay per click campaigns, even if those campaigns have a high conversion rate. This is something that marketers should be mindful of if they decide to use the Conversion Optimizer.

3. AdWords Editor

The Google AdWords Editor is a free app that allows account managers to edit AdWords campaigns offline and make bulk changes to their ads. It can be operated from any computer on which it’s installed – there’s no machine limit. With it account managers can then upload the changes once they’ve got access to the Internet.

It’s available for Windows and Mac users and can make working with large campaigns a fair bit easier.

4. Bid Simulator

PPC marketers can use the Bid Simulator to get an estimate of what their advertising results might have been if they had placed higher or lower bids for the previous week's campaigns.

To use the simulator effectively, an active campaign that does not usually spend its entire budget is a must. The campaign must be opted in to the search network.

The Bid Simulator combines information about campaigns with records of past campaigns in the marketer’s niche, their campaign's Quality Score and current bid prices to provide an idea of whether their impression or click-through rates would change if the bids were changed.

5. Traffic Estimator

Google's Traffic Estimator can provide estimate daily search and click figures for chosen keywords. These estimates can give advertisers an idea of how much traffic they might be able to get based on their chosen bid for any given keyword.

These estimates are based on a 12-month rolling average, so may not be accurate for seasonal or news-related keywords. However, this particular PPC tool come in very useful for predicting traffic volume for evergreen, long-tail keywords.

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