Five minutes with Ian Boyden, ClickThrough's new PPC team member

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Who are you? Ian Boyden, senior PPC account executive at ClickThrough Marketing

When did you start at ClickThrough? – Monday, October 1

What does your role at ClickThrough involve? – I’m supporting Amy Bott, head of paid search, and ClickThrough’s account directors in managing various PPC accounts. This involves optimising current campaigns and setting up new ones, running reports, and keeping on top of new trends and industry developments.

What’s your background? – I went to the University of Hull, where I completed a degree in marketing and advertising. Once I graduated, I worked for two advertising agencies, dealing exclusively with automotive clients. These roles gave me experience in both online and offline marketing, and – most importantly – gave me my first taste of PPC!

So why did you decide to focus on PPC? – It continues to fascinate me, because it’s a growing industry, and in many ways a new industry – a new way of advertising. Because it’s relatively young, as far as the wider world of advertising goes, there are no set precedents for what it could become. It could go anywhere, and that’s really exciting. I’m confident that I can put my own stamp on it.

I also like the fact that paid search is so flexible and fast-moving. To test new ideas, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on print or other costs. You can just set up, and go. It’s advertising with instant response, and success is so easily measurable.

How have you found ClickThrough so far? – Two words – loving it. It’s friendly, it’s welcoming, it’s vibrant, and there are no big egos to contend with. It’s a fast-moving environment, and a hardworking attitude is very much expected – it’s only my second week and I’ve already got well and truly stuck in – but I’ve been for a few drinks with some of the guys at the office, and it’s clear that they know how to have a good time too. It’s the best of both.

What skills and experiences have you brought to the role? – Well, I’m creative and I naturally consider the bigger picture, not just the small details – two skills that are very much required when working in PPC. From working at advertising agencies, I know how to work effectively with multiple clients, and my experience with automotive companies is useful too, because ClickThrough works with a number of clients within this industry. I also have a weird sense of humour, and like a bit of banter. I’ll try my best to lighten the mood when the 'pressure cooker' is on in the office.

What’s your proudest moment? – Getting a first at university. I was really pleased with that. I think I haven’t done too badly career-wise, too, since I graduated during a recession.

Here’s a complicated one. If you were forced, at gunpoint, to spend the rest of your life on a desert island, and the only luxuries your captors allowed you to take along were a book, an album, and three items that you could easily carry on your person, what would they be? – Wow. OK. My reading material would have to be something comical – I couldn’t deal with thick reference tomes or War and Peace, so I’d take one of Karl Pilkington’s books. He’s a good laugh. Saying that, a big, thick book might make good fuel for my campfire, so thinking practically, perhaps I should take the full, three-volume set of The Lord of the Rings. Actually scratch all that. I’ll take a desert island survival guide.

The album’s easy – Because of the Times by Kings of Leon. I’ve got it in my car and I must have listened to it hundreds of times.

Three items… I’d take a guitar, for sure. I doubt that anyone’s ever written a concept album about being stranded on a desert island, so I’d see that as my nest egg if I ever did get rescued. I’d also pack some powdered water (just add water and voila!)  – and some biscuits.

How would you spend a perfect weekend? – On Friday, I’d go for a few drinks after work, and then  play a gig at a packed venue with my band Abberline (apologies for the plug). Get my groove on. You know, the usual. On Saturday morning, I’d recover with a few relaxing spa treatments, then I’d go to watch Aston Villa win four-three against Barcelona. Very specific, I know, but you did say a ‘perfect weekend’. On Sunday, I’d go for a walk in the countryside with my girlfriend and her dog, followed by my Mum’s roast dinner and a night of watching films on the sofa.

Finally, where do you see yourself in seven years? – I’d hope to still be at ClickThrough, but working as an account director heading up successful global clients.

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