Five of the Best SEO Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome

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Like any professional, a good SEO relies on quality tools to do his or her job properly. Here, ClickThrough’s senior online copywriter Oliver Pyper takes a look at five of the best extensions for Google Chrome which can help to make everyday SEO tasks a little less time consuming.

Giving somebody a spanner doesn’t make them a plumber – but if you take a plumber’s spanner away, it’s going to take them longer to fix that leaky pipe.

Similarly, many SEO experts make use of browser tools to improve their efficiency.

Firefox boasts its own horde of add-ons which can help with day-to-day SEO tasks, but for this post we’ll focus on apps and extensions for Google Chrome – arguably (and inevitably) the most SEO-friendly of all the big browsers.

Here are five of the best we’ve come across:

Google Analytics Debugger

This extension comes personally recommended by our director of conversion and analytics, Bryn Firkins. It pulls up the debug version of the Google Analytics JavaScript for each site you browse to. This allows you to view detailed information about each tracking beacon sent to Google Analytics – and also to check whether tracking codes are set up correctly.

SEOmoz MozBar

Produced by the guys at SEOMoz, MozBar is a veritable powerhouse, streamlining everyday SEO tasks with its plethora of useful tools. It lets you quickly access metrics as you browse, search quickly with different search engines and different settings (such as setting a country, city or region in which to search), and view page elements like title tags and meta descriptions at the touch of a button. Highly recommended.

Google Reader

This app lets you easily keep track of new content on websites, so is invaluable for keeping on top of the latest SEO developments and monitoring websites you’re working on. That said, it’s useful for anybody that wants to stay up to date with… well, pretty much anything.

Firebug Lite

This is a less-functional port of the long-established Firefox favourite. For those unfamiliar with the tool, it allows you to easily find HTML elements and edit HTML ‘on-the-fly’ – so you can immediately see the results on page. For web developers and SEOs, it’s invaluable, and though it can’t do everything that the original Firebug can, it’s still a more-than-worthy addition to your Chrome toolbar.


This extension displays SEO parameters like PageRank, Alexa rank and many others. So far, so standard. But SEOquake’s real benefit is that it also displays this information in SERPs from Google, Yahoo! and Bing – and allows you to sort search results by numerous SEO-friendly factors like age, PageRank, and the number of indexed links.

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