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Every month our Technical SEO Expert Tom is available to answer your SEO questions on our monthly SEO update webinars. 

Google’s impact on your visibility can change overnight, and Tom takes away the stress for you. He presents the key stories from the last month that you need to be aware of and provides insights, tips and checklists based on hands-on personal experience.

Recent topics Tom has covered include Google's Image guidelines, mobile first indexing, and algorithm updates that could potentially affect rankings.

We’ve been running these webinars regularly since last year, and our attendees have given great feedback: 

Great content and nicely done in my lunch break

Great update, thanks, great that it is all in one place

I've been waiting for something like this - with things often so busy, it's difficult to know what's happening and what isn't in the world of SEO, having a technical expert who looks after our account (and who we have great trust in!) summarise and explain everything in one go just made things simple. I'm looking forward to the next one!

These 20 minute webinars are available to anyone and cost nothing. Why not join us and get up to date?

After the event, attendees get full access to all of the checklists and supporting data that relates to the topics covered.

Our next webinar is just around the corner. Here are all the details you need:

Date: Wednesday 27th June
Time: 11.30am

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We'll see you then!

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