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Multilingual SEM - Tips and TricksAccording to a recent article published on CMO.com, 73% of the world’s online population is made up of non-English native speakers. That’s a massive proportion of the online marketplace that – for many companies – simply goes untapped.

Due to recent recruitment in our client services team, ClickThrough Marketing now has increased multilingual search marketing capabilities. We are able to offer in-house localised search optimisation for French, German, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian speakers.

We can also help with your multilingual online marketing campaigns in other languages – please contact us for details.

Here are three ways that a multilingual approach to search engine optimisation could improve your business’s position on a global level:

Showing your customers that you care

As Dr Patrick Dixon, chairman of Global Change Ltd pointed out in his speech at the Google@Manchester event in December, the future focus of online marketing will be on building and maintaining emotional relationships with consumers. And there are few more significant obstacles to emotional engagement than mutual language barriers.

However, multilingual marketing isn’t as simple as straight word-for-word translations. Words and phrases, promotional models and search keywords will vary significantly from territory to territory. A sensitively translated website, along with diligent local research, is a shortcut to creating trusting, lasting relationships with customers.

Staying ahead of the competition

By personalising your business’s online marketing strategy for consumers in other countries you can open doors for potential revenue that otherwise would have remained resolutely shut. Globalisation is easier now than it has ever been – even the smallest businesses can promote themselves in a global arena. Inevitably, this means that your competitors are also pushing forward into growing international markets. A multilingual marketing strategy could help to establish your brand abroad, before it’s too late.

Snatch up developing online markets

Internet use in China has skyrocketed in recent years and it now boasts the largest online population in the world, with an estimated 457 million users logging on in 2010 – a staggering amount when you consider that in 2000 there were only 22.5 million Chinese users online.

Latin America, too, has seen phenomenal growth recently. Brazil is the largest online market in the region, with 40.5 million users registered in 2011 and a growth of 20% observed between 2010 and 2011. Mexico also saw impressive development in its online market, with a 21% rise in the same period.

With careful targeting and a considered translation, establishing your business in these markets could well be an investment worth pursuing.

If you are an existing ClickThrough Marketing client, simply contact your account director to discuss our multilingual search marketing services.

If you haven’t worked with us before, call now for a free, no obligation discussion: 0800 088 7486

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