Google 2013 Bad Ads Report Displays Increase In Number Of Removed Ads

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Google has revealed that it removed over 130 million more bad ads from its  systems last year (2013) than it did in 2012.

In a post published on its Inside AdWords blog, the search engine giant revealed that the amount of ads it had to pull went up by around 59 per cent - 350 million in total. However, more positively, it revealed that the sources of these ads were far fewer in number. Google banned just 270,000 advertisers in 2013, compared to the significantly higher number of 850,000 in 2012.

Director of Ads Engineering at Google, Mike Hochberg, wrote that this fall was down to a scammers "being thwarted by our safety screens and searching less-secure targets."

The stats also displayed that attempts to advertise counterfeit goods via PPC marketing on AdWords had consistently fallen over the past two years - dropping by 47 per cent in 2012, and a further 82 per cent in 2013.

Hochberg also added that if someone was to go view each of the ads banned by Google in 2013 for one second, it would take them ten years.

Commenting further, Hochberg, then went onto write: "This is an ever-evolving and ongoing fight. Bad actors are relentless, often very sophisticated and will not rest on their laurels, But neither will we. Nothing is more important than the security of our users and we'll continue to work tirelessly to keep them safe."

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