Google: 88% Of Mobile Advertising Clicks Incremental To Organic Clicks

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A new study released from Google has concluded 88% of mobile advertising clicks are incremental to organic clicks.

With smartphones becoming an increasingly prominent part of more and more people's lives, businesses have been looking to optimise more and more for mobile. This can mean everything from ensuring the website is responsive to different screen sizes, to tailoring specific PPC mobile advertising campaigns.

Many firms had questioned Google over what would happen if they stopped ads, and the results of this study clearly show mobile search to be incremental to organic clicks. This means the paid clicks are not replaced by organic clicks when advertising users decide to pause their search ads and therefore are a missed opportunity.

Conducted over a year spanning from March 2012 to April 2013, the study involved more than 300 US Adwords accounts from 12 verticals.

The 12 verticals included automotive, media and entertainment, travel and technology amongst others. No matter the industry however, the results were consistently high over all verticals.

Classified and local search advertisers at 97% incremental traffic, Education and Government and Business and Industrial at 94% incremental traffic each all stood out slightly from the rest however.

Google head of global mobile search solutions, Andy Miller, wrote in the announcement: "By upgrading to enhanced campaigns, advertisers can effectively reach consumers using mobile devices based on contextual signals like their location and time of day."

Google conducted a similar range of Search Ad Pause Studies in 2011 and reached similar conclusions, concluding at the time PPC search ads drive 89% incremental traffic.

Miller concluded in the Adwords blogpost: "Mobile ads can help consumers connect with all types of businesses. This study continues to show the importance of advertising on mobile whether you are a restaurant owner, a sporting goods retailer or automobile brand.

"People are searching all the time, across devices.  Therefore, it's more important than ever before to make sure that your message is where people are looking."

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