Google AdWords change takes some guesswork out of pay per click

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Paid search advertising can be a bit of a minefield - tactics which work on one PPC campaign aren't always transferrable to another.

Managing profitable pay per click services involves a lot of foresight, analysis, and just a touch of guess-work. This experimentalism is absolutely imperative to ensure your paid ads are displaying to the right people at the right times, and getting the right results. Without experimenting, most PPC strategies will fail. Or, at least, fail to meet their potential.

Google's always been acutely aware that the more tools it can give to search marketers, the more people are likely to spend on search marketing.

If you can analyse properly - to see where money is best spent and best avoided - you can afford to invest more in paid ads as you know you're more likely to get the conversions you want.

As such, Google's AdWords tool has, for some time, given search advertisers ways to project and forecast how a PPC ad may work at both the keyword and ad group level. Now Google's improved its projection tools, allowing advertisers to forecast simulations at campaign level, too.

The change is designed to give advertisers a way to create reports on potential future campaigns even without the requisite level of data to do so at keyword or ad group level.

The tool allows advertisers to swap variables to check effects - such as lowering all bids by a certain percentage.

The system feeds back on how an advertiser can then use the data on a real campaign - with projections on potential necessary campaign budget and a downloadable summary. An AdWords Editor file is also available showing simulated bid amounts and applicable groups.

The changes have already gone live - check the Opportunities section of AdWords.

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