Google AdWords Introduces Portfolio Bid Strategies

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Automated Bidding in AdWords has been re-crowned Portfolio Bid Strategies, with added features and functionality, such as setting different CPA targets at ad group level in the same bid strategy.

The overall revamp of AdWords Automated Bidding comes with a few simple semantic changes, including flexible strategies now being renamed portfolio bid strategies. Other functional changes include an updated workflow, and an improved way of adding to bidding strategies within the Campaigns Settings tab.

Portfolio bid strategies in AdWords

The semantic changes to the platform include:

  • Flexible strategies will now be known as portfolio bid strategies. The change was made to clearly demonstrate that a single strategy can be applied to several campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
  • A standard bid strategy is how a strategy applied to a single campaign will now be known.
  • The Conversion Optimiser will now be known as Target CPA for all new bid strategies. This can still be used across standard or portfolio bid strategies.

 The functionality updates include:

  • You will now be able to create or add to bidding strategies within the Campaigns Setting tab – there’s no longer any need to use the Shared Library.
  • Portfolio bid strategies can now have different CPA goals for separate ad groups.
  • The new workflow has been designed to give you clear definitions for each strategy, helping you to choose the right one.

In December 2015, Google also added new reporting features to Automated Bidding. These updates will begin to appear in accounts over the coming weeks.

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