Google AdWords Quality Scores Tweaked To Help Pay Per Click Marketing

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Google has rolled out some new changes to the way AdWords Quality Score is rated.

The latest update will change how each keyword's 1-10 numeric Quality Score is reported on the platform.

AdWords is the search engine giant's main advertising product. It is the platform on which ad campaigns for Google, and the Google Display Network, are managed by Pay Per Click marketing types and other digital marketing professionals.

On the AdWords blog, AdWords product manager, Jen Huang, wrote: "We're making this change so that the Quality Score in your reports more closely reflects the factors that influence the visibility and expected performance of your ads."

"We hope that providing you more transparency into your 1-10 Quality Score will help you improve the quality of your ads."

Quality Score is an estimate of the relevance of the ads, keywords and landing page to the Internet browser who has clicked on the said advert. In particular, the latest changes will focus the rating more on expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience and also more closely on ad relevance.

Huang added the changes only effect how the Quality Score is reported and not how it will be calculated real time for each auction - in essence, it will not have any direct effect on ad performance.

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