Google AdWords Upgrades Multi-Channel Reporting Options

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Google AdWords has introduced new enhancements to its reporting interface for multi-channel advertisers.

TrueView has joined Search, Shopping and Display campaigns within the core AdWords interface. Google has also added three new reporting columns to make it easier for advertisers to report across all campaign types. The new reporting columns will make it quicker to report on your most relevant and important ad interactions across all campaign types. The new columns are:

  • Interactions – Reporting the main action people take with your ad format, including clicks for text and shopping ads, views for video ads, and engagements for Lightbox ads.
  • Interaction Rate - Measures how often people interact with your ad after it’s shown to them. This can be calculated as clicks divided by impressions for text ads, or views divided by impressions for video ads.
  • Avg Cost – The average amount paid for your ads divided by total interactions—clicks divided by cost, or views divided by total cost.

AdWords report

Google says that the new columns will provide a more uniform and quick way to view key metrics for campaign types in a single column.

Pallavi Naresh, Product Manager, AdWords, explained more on the blog:

For search, the primary metric you might want to view is clicks. And for video, your primary metric is views. Now, you can use the Interactions column to quickly see a combined metric for clicks and views for each of these campaign types within a single column.

AdWords has also added Total rows divided by campaign type, instead of by network.

AdWords report

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