Google Analytics Adds Four New Features To Help PPC Marketing Users

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Google has added four new features to Google Analytics as it looks to further improve its real-time report offering.

Events report, content break down by device, real-time data compared to overall data and shortcuts have now joined the platform alongside the recently launched trackback and data hub activity reports.

The create shortcut feature will mean users no longer need to create a filter for their real-time report every time they want to view certain segments.

Events report allows Analytics users to see events - the user interaction with content, for example downloading and mobile ad clicks - and filter the top ones as they occur, as well on set actions and event categories.

The content breakdown by device feature offers users the chance to break down content to see in real-time if visitors are using a desktop, mobile or tablet. Users can then segment their reports in real-time.

Finally, the real-time data compared to overall data feature allows users to do a side by side comparison in order to quickly spot any trends.

Google Analytics is a tool utilised for both PPC marketing as well as SEO purposes. The search engine giant also recently released the 'next generation' of Google Analytics in the form of a new tracking tool called Universal Analytics to all of its Internet marketing users following a beta launch in October of last year.

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