Google Analytics' new browser size check boosts Internet marketing

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Google Analytics, which provides important metrics for Internet marketing firms looking to improve websites for users, has expanded its In-Page report tool to show site visitors' browser size.

Browser size is an increasingly important metric for webmasters.

With more and more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices with small, thin screens, some on-page content visible to PC or laptop users could fail to display on a mobile.

Whilst widescreen monitors give users extra space around their main browser window, mobile devices are definitively cramped.

Google said it had introduced the change so Internet marketers could ascertain which elements of their site may not be viewable on smaller browser windows.

By analysing which on-page elements get pushed off when using a smaller browser, webmasters can tweak their site to improve experiences for mobile browsers, Google explained.

The change was announced in a Google Analytics blog post in early June.

Google Analytics is a free tool, provided by Google, which shows Internet marketers how visitors interact with their site. It tracks visitor numbers, how they arrived at the site, and integrates with AdWords, so marketers can track their search campaigns and landing page quality.

Gaal Yahas, from Google Analytics, explained that 'excessive toolbars and other clutter' meant pages were being squeezed.

The new tool allows webmasters to create a visual representation of their page, showing what content can be seen, and what can't, depending on browser size. The tool shades out the 'hidden areas', so it's easy to see what gets cut off on smaller browser screens.

This in turn means sites can be tweaked and optimised for both traditional computer and mobile Internet users.

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