Google Announces Changes To Its Google Shopping Platform

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Google has added a number of tweaks to its Google Shopping platform in time for the festive holidays.

The search engine giant is keen to capitalise on an expanding mobile user base by incorporating new details and visual gimmicks to the site - whatever device a shopper is using.

Google confirmed the news on its official blog, where it announced: "If you can't imagine braving the crowds to get everything picked and purchased, don't worry: our elves have made some improvements to Google Shopping in time for the holidays."

By clicking on a product, users will now be able to view details on the products size, available colours and also a description of the item. There is also the option to click to view 'visually similar' items if the product a user is viewing is not quite what they had in mind.

Many items on Google Shopping will now include a 360 degree view of products, especially handy when looking at toys for the kids at Christmas time. The Google blog uses a Lego structure as its example of the new feature, and explained how the interactive image brings an 'in-store feeling of holding and touching a product'.

The shortlist feature, whilst not new, now sticks at the top of the page when browsing Google Shopping. It offers a way for shoppers to put together some ideas of what they want to buy, and for offering some gentle nudges to family and friends on items you may want in your Christmas stocking this year.

For parents looking for the must have toys, Google has also curated some top gift categories, so parents will always have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to getting their children the right present at Christmas.

This month's top trending items include Rainbow Loom and Minecraft Legos. Some nostalgic comeback items include, My Little Pony and Furby.

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