Google Experiments With Click To Call In Organic Results

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Google is testing clickable phone numbers in organics search results. This type of click-to-call button has already been used in ad extensions but has yet to fully extend to organic results that are not classified as local listings.

This has not yet been rolled out officially but was spotted and shared on Twitter by @ryschill. Here’s the image he shared showing the click-to-call phone number option:

click to call buttons

Google introduced click-to-call as part of location extensions in mobile search in January 2010. This helps advertisers to include a contact number associated with one of their physical branches on mobile search. This was later extended for advertisers, allowing them to add a contact number without the association of a physical address, making it much easier for customer calls to be directed to a call centre.

As these types of ads are proven to see more clicks than those that do not include a call-to-click button, webmasters may want to take note of Google’s latest experiment in organic results. It could dramatically improve click-through rate when carefully implemented to a local SEO strategy – although at the moment, it remains to be seen how (or indeed whether) Google will enable webmasters to make these changes.

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