Google+ forecast to reach 100m users this week

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Unofficial Google+ statistician, Paul Allen, has forecast that Google's first foray in the world of social networking sites will reach 100 million users at some point this week, according to an article published by ITWeb.

Allen's prediction follows an official announcement made by Google's CEO Larry Page in mid-January; Page revealed that Google+ had 90 million users at that point.

The founder has also forecast that Google+, which is expected to become a popular platform for social media marketing initiatives, will have a user base of 400 million people - almost half the size of rival, Facebook - by the end of 2012.

He said: "If that rate holds steady, Google+ will end the year with 345 million users. But as I have said before, Google has many dials and levers to use this year to increase sign-ups and usage, including its Android 4.0 roll-out. I stand by my prediction of at least 400 million users by the end of 2012."

According to unofficial statistics, Google+ is currently growing at a rate of 750,000 new users per day.

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