Google improves metrics for pay per click internet marketing

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Pay per click marketing strategies have been given a boost by a new Google tool which claims to show whether a paid ad has been viewed or not.

PPC, or paid search, involves a strategic approach to keywords and display. Unlike organic online marketing, known as search engine optimisation or SEO, which can take months to build, PPC provides a far quicker click journey directly to a sale.

Users searching for a specific products can be given a choice of paid ads - so if they're searching because they know they want to buy, marketers give customers a direct avenue to the purchase the products they want.

It's therefore important to ensure potential customers get the right information about right products when they click your PPC ads. Getting the correct landing page could mean the difference between a sale or a bounce.

Whilst strategies understandably focus on these important facets of paid-for internet marketing: like click rate, bounce rate, and conversions, it's not always been possible to report on the actual visibility of an advert.

Now, Google has said a new tool will give marketers even more information about their PPC marketing campaigns.

The Active View addition is designed to show marketers when an ad has been viewed - meaning advertisers could only pay for adverts that users see. Of course, traditional marketing has always had a more "fish in barrel" approach: pay for advertising (on TV, in newspapers, on radio), and hope that interested customers see or hear your ad.

Online marketing provides a greater opportunity to measure ad engagement. The effectiveness of a full-page ad in a national newspaper could be measured by a spike in inquiries or sales following publication, but this is hardly hard and fast analysis.

If Google is able to program Active View to give a real statistical analysis of ad views - rather than an educated guess - it could become an invaluable way to cut spend and increase conversions at the same time.

Google's quantification will use the Interactive Advertising Bureau standard: a "seen ad" will be seen on-screen for more than a second.

Even without the ability to track ad views, paid search marketing remains an incredibly effective form of internet marketing: one which can create incredible returns with the right strategic approach.

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