Google Launches A4A For AMP Ads

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Google has rolled out a way to significantly speed up the appearance of Accelerated Mobile Page ads. A4A is now live, and is designed to allow AMP ads to load much faster than usual. Slow page loading times tend to have a negative effect on user experience as well as rankings - with many studies showing the effects of slow page load times. The introduction of AMPs was designed to counter this issue, with the latest update continuing those efforts by providing further improvements to ads on AMPs. Here is a demonstration of how much faster AMP ads load than regular ads.

Here is an extract from Google announcing the new AMP for Ads.

It is early days for AMP for ads, or A4A, but after announcing the effort on GitHub a few weeks ago, the team has merged their pull request into AMP and is in the process of setting up a live experiment. AMP itself will continue to support non-AMP ad creatives to allow for a gradual transition of the wider ecosystem.

How Will A4A Affect Your AMP Ads?

Malte Ubl, tech lead of Google’s AMP project, stated on Google+ , A4A will:

  • Use less bandwidth
  • Increase battery life
  • Be safe & perform well
  • Run at 60 FPS

AMP for ads has been rolled out, and is now live. Not all ad pages will have to be A4A pages, however it does increase the loading speed of ad pages, which can be very beneficial for user experience.

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