Google Launches AdWords Bid Adjustment Reporting Feature In Analytics

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Google has unveiled a new AdWords bid adjustment reporting feature within its Analytics service.

PPC marketing professionals who've linked their AdWords accounts to Google Analytics will be able to take advantage of the feature immediately.

It will allow them to access a detailed analysis of their ads' performance based on any bid adjustments they may have made.

Bid adjustments allow AdWords account managers to increase or decrease their bids by a percentage across entire campaigns and ad groups targeting specific locations and devices.

Writing in a post published on Google's Inside AdWords blog, Nikhil Roy, product manager for the Google Analytics team, stated: "With the new Bid Adjustments report, you can take advantage of the full range of visitor metrics available in Google Analytics to optimise your bid adjustments. This provides a window into your users' behaviour, allowing you to optimise bid adjustments based on behaviour and goal conversion data like bounce rate and time-on-site."

Roy continued, adding that Analytics users with ecommerce tracking enabled would be able to use the data to make bid adjustments within their AdWords accounts based on ROI - as opposed to conversions.

The feature can currently be accessed by clicking on the bid adjustments link within the AdWords tab on Analytics.

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