Google limits The Pirate Bay's presence in auto-complete

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Google has moved to limit the presence of The Pirate Bay in its auto-complete function.

Although the The Pirate Bay can still be found indexed in Google, users will now find that when they begin to type "thepirate..." the file-sharing site - which hosts a considerable amount of copyright infringed material - won't be displayed by the auto-complete function in the search bar. This particular tactic has been employed for around a year and has also recently been implemented to limit a number of other file-sharing sites, such as RapidShare and uTorrent, from appearing in auto-complete forms.

The search engine giant - commonly used by Internet marketing professionals -  announced last month (August) that it would be working to ensure that sites legally offering downloadable material - such as films, games and music - rank higher than those that offer material illegally. This move has been well-received by many film studios and record labels.

Ernesto van der Sar, editor of TorrentFreak - a news website - stated: "Google is sending out a strong signal that they are committed to combating online copyright infringement."

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