Google makes changes to AdWords Ad Rank algorithm

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Google has made an update to its AdWords Ad Rank algorithm it has confirmed.

The Internet giant announced the changes on its blog, suggesting its main reason for the changes was to help PPC marketing professionals better make use of new features on accounts, such as ad extensions.

On the AdWords blog, Google Staff Software Engineer, Chris Roat, said: "We're always looking for ways to make ads more relevant to a user's intent and context.

"After months of testing, we're confident that these AdRank changes help achieve that goal by more consistently showing people the most useful combination of extensions and formats."

Thanks to the latest batch of changes, ad extensions can now affect the positioning of ads in Googles Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) according to the blog.

It used the example of two competing ads having the same bid and quality, but said the ad with a more positive expected impact from extensions would ultimately emerge victorious - or at least appear in a higher position.

What does Google mean by 'expected impact'? Well, according to the blog, it is something estimated via relevance, clickthrough rates and also the prominence of the extensions on the SERPs.

For further guidance on these topics, Google also has added a number of Help Center aritcles on 'ad extensions' and 'how we rank ads'.

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