Google Merchant Center Gets a Revamp

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Google Merchant Center unveiled a revamped service on 30 August 2016, with changes including a new interface, as well as a number of new features.

Designed as a tool to aid in the uploading of product listings for Google Shopping, Google Product Ads and Google Commerce Search, Google Merchant Center has finally been redesigned and updated.

Users were welcomed with an introductory message announcing the new Google Merchant Center:

The new Merchant Center experience offers the same performance you’re used to, with easier navigation and new program insights

The ‘Home’, ‘Products’ and ‘Shopping Ads’ sections all have notable additions, including a Feed Rules feature within the Products tab. Feed Rules allows users to make changes to a feed without the need to directly edit it. The ability to update, create and combine values has been designed to increase usability and efficiency across the platform.

The Shopping Ads section has also expanded the Currency Conversion feature for Shopping campaigns being run by advertisers in other countries.

The new interface was built with Google’s Material Design, and is now live globally

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