Google Mobile Ad Revenue Forecast To Hit $8.8bn in 2013

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New figures released by digital marketing research company, eMarketer, have  forecast that Google is expected to generate $8.8 billion from its mobile ads.

The figure takes commission the amount of commission the search engine giant will have to pay its ad partners, and represents a staggering 92 per cent increase on the amount it generated last year (2012) from mobile advertising.

As with the US search engine market, Google is expected to have a dominant share of the mobile ad market - of 56 per cent.

eMarketer's research displayed that Facebook - with a 13 per cent share - and Pandora, a popular Internet radio service - with 5.3 per cent - are expected to round out the top three.

Facebook's estimated share represents a revenue figure of over $2 billion; and is all the more significant when the fact it didn't have any mobile advertising revenue just two years ago.

Somewhat surprisingly, micro-blogging site Twitter ranked fourth on the forecast, with expectations of a 1.95 per cent share.

The research firm has also forecast a 19 per cent jump in digital ad revenue for Google  - with a final figure of nearly $39 billion.

Commenting on its research, eMarketer released a statement: "Across all digital platforms, Google continues to reign as not only the largest beneficiary of digital ad spending in the U.S., but worldwide as well."

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