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Google Notifies Site Owners of AMP Implementation Errors

Written by Adam Stokes | 18 Aug 2016

Site owners will now be notified of any AMP implementation errors on their site via the search results. The notification, which is presented as a hyperlink between the URL and meta description within the SERPs – will show exclusively to site owners, in an attempt to keep all AMPs compliant with the format.

The hyperlink will take owners to help documentation which will advise them on the best way of fixing the error. Raven Internet Marketing Tools President, Jon Henshaw, tweeted the following screenshot, outlining how the AMP error notification is shown within the SERPs on desktop:

With the recent expansion of AMPs into mobile search results, the latest action by Google further indicates the importance of AMPs and the prominence they are expected to have as mobile search continues to increase its share of the total search market.

According to Search Engine Land, Google has confirmed that the move is not a test, meaning that the feature is likely to stay.