Google Officially Removes Toolbar PageRank

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Google has removed PageRank from its Toolbar. Effective 15 April 2016, the PageRank scores are now no longer visible. The move follows an announcement by Google in March that it would be removing PageRank data this month. PageRank scores were shown in the form of a small bar that sat on the Toolbar feed in Google search engines. The small bar would fill green, depending on the site’s PageRank score, which is measured from 0-10.

These Toolbar PageRank scores have been removed and Google has said they will not return. Although Toolbar PageRank is gone, PageRank scores will continue to affect ranking in search results. The removal of PageRank score is purely visual and the effects it has on site ranking will continue to live on. The PageRank feature in the Toolbar feed was a means of finding out how important Google considered pages. Many different companies and SEOs used the Toolbar PageRank feature, or a similar extension tool, to take a glimpse at their site, or their client’s site PageRank. Now it has been removed from not only the Toolbar, but also most additional tools that previously offered information about the PageRank of a site.

Google has been trying to kill off PageRank for years, first in 2007 by asking Webmasters for feedback on removing PageRank, and then again in 2009 when Google stopped showing PageRank data in webmaster tools. In December 2013, Google stated there would never be a Toolbar PageRank update again. Over the years, Google have been trying to demote the importance of the PageRank feature, and now it has finally been removed.

It is uncertain whether or not the back-end version of PageRank will stay or go, as although it is used to rank pages in search results, it is only one small piece of a huge algorithm, and Google was already trying to lower its significance before the removal of Toolbar PageRank. Stay posted for any more PageRank news that may arise.

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