Google: Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update is Complete

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Following significant speculation over the past weeks, Google has officially confirmed it has finished rolling out the latest update to its Penguin algorithm - Penguin 3.0.

A Google representative confirmed to Search Engine Land that the update - the first in more than a year - rolled out last Friday (October 17). Then in a Webmaster Central Hangout this morning, Google's John Mueller reported that "as far as [he knows]" the update has "rolled out completely".

Google hasn't released any more information on the percentage of search results the 3.0 update is likely to affect, or what changes have been made to the algorithm.

However, Google's webmaster trends analyst and search quality engineer, Gary Illyes, said, whilst speaking at Search Marketing Expo East, the latest update would make the lives of webmasters "easier a bit" and for others make it a "delight."

He also added that refreshes would be more frequent from now on. This could potentially leave sites seeing ranking recoveries far more quickly than in the past. So far, webmasters and SEOs have seen mixed results, with some reporting sharp inclines, some sharp declines and others no fluctuation in ranking movement whatsoever.

Google hasn't released an update to its Penguin algorithm since last October (2013). That particular update, dubbed 2.1, impacted around 1 per cent of all search queries - a much lower number than the 2.3 per cent of all search queries affected by the launch of Penguin 2.0 in May 2013.

Reporting by Jack Adams and Oliver Pyper

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