Google performs Panda data refresh and warns of Penguin adjustments

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Following on from the implementation of a data refresh - update 3.9 - to its Panda search algorithm at the end of July (2012), search engine giant Google has announced that it pushed out another data refresh earlier in the week.

Rumours were rife that another refresh had been performed. However, Google only recently confirmed the update - version 3.9.1 - in a tweet published on August 22 on its official Twitter account (@google).

The tweet read: "Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1 per cent of queries noticeably affected."

Google has also confirmed that future updates to the Panda algorithm will be considerably smoother and a great deal more consistent. Whilst the adjustments that it continues to make to Panda are relatively minor, Google has revealed that its planned anti-spam algorithm, Penguin, will be more significant.

Whereas Panda - which has significantly affected those within the Internet marketing industry - was implemented to punish sites that feature low quality content, Penguin is designed to punish sites that spam the engine giant.

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