Google Poetics? Autosuggest stanzas create crazy verses

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The Google auto-complete feature is usually handy for finding things online quickly: but now a quirky Finnish pair have created an anthology of poetry made entirely from auto-complete suggestions.

Autocomplete makes suggestions to Google searchers based on high-volume queries entered into the search engine.

So, for instance, when you type "How do", a box appears under the search bar with a list of suggested search terms: including "how do you know" and "how does Twitter work".

Cooky Finnish bards Raisa Omaheimo and Sampsa Nuotio have set up a Tumblr blog to host their search poetry.

The said the algorithm suggestions made by Google could be "funny, absurd, Dadaistic - and sometimes even deeply moving."

Of course, it's also quite random: searchers could be looking for a multitude of terms using similar words - something the SEO industry was built to capitalise on.

The latest in the bizarre collection, posted November 15, uses an "I want to travel" search, to create the 'p0em':

I want to travel
I want to travel where do I start
I want to travel where should I go
I want to travel the world with you

The ending of that, in particular, is poetic and romantic: but the rest?

Omaheimo and Nuotio said: "In the cold blue glow of their computer screens, they ask 'why am I alone' and 'why do fat girls have high standards'.

"Despite the seemingly open nature of Western society, forbidden questions and thoughts still remain. When faced with these issues, people do not reach out to one another, instead they turn to Google in the privacy of their own homes."

Whilst these Finnish Fitzgeralds are clearly admirers of autocomplete, the feature has had its detractors. By using suggested search terms, Google is guiding multiple users to choose the same search terms - and sites with good SEO for those autocomplete terms will consistently attract that traffic, whereas sites with less targeted SEO based on Google's autocomplete terms may miss out on traffic as a result.

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