Google Releases Simplified Mobile Tool

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Google has released a new tool designed to allow site owners to check the mobile friendliness and page speed of their websites. The new tool merges two existing tools to create a simplified version that makes checking the performance of your mobile site quicker and easier.

The new tool offers scores out of 100 for your website’s mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. The tool offers site owners a clearer insight into how their site is performing on mobile devices, rather than just presenting them with a pass or fail, as the mobile friendliness test used to do. Individual scores are offered for each different section.

As mobile-friendliness becomes increasingly important in order to reach tech-savvy users, this new tool is useful for SEOs and site owners alike, and will make the process of checking site performance much simpler than before.

Here is an example of the results from the mobile-friendly test.

googles new mobile friendly and page speed tool - INDUSTRY NEWS

After carrying out the mobile-friendly test, it is possible to ask Google to send you a full report via email, explaining what needs to be fixed and how.

The new testing tool can be found at think with Google, and an email report can be requested once the test has been carried out.

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