Google Retires Keyword Tool, Brings In Keyword Planner

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Google has finally retired its popular Keyword Tool, and officially replaced it with the Keyword Planner.

The Keyword Tool proved to be a popular option amongst SEO and PPC professionals, allowing them to research traffic volumes on keywords and phrases without having to login or sign-up for a service.

Its replacement, the Keyword Planner, however, requires users to login to a Google AdWords account to use it.

Google has made some  changes to the Keyword Planner, which could benefit users significantly.

Whereas the Keyword Tool always delivered traffic volume statistics based on broad match, the Keyword Planner automatically provides statistics for exact match.

Google has also replaced the local monthly search and global monthly search columns. They've been replaced by an average monthly search column, which provides figures that are specific to targeting settings - so, traffic estimates by country, city, or region. The global monthly search data can still be accessed, by simply targeting all locations.

Unfortunately, though, the Keyword Planner doesn't currently enable users to see historical traffic data based on device - by default it provides figures for all devices. Google has revealed, though, that it is working on a feature that will enable users to target by device.

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