Google Search Console Updates Fetch & Render Tool

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The Google Search Console received an update on 10 November that included an addition to the Fetch and Render tool, found within the Crawl dropdown menu.

Added to the blocked resources section of the Fetch and Render tool, the latest update shows all resources that are blocked within a page, whether that be an image, script, CSS or JavaScript file.

The tool lists the type of the resource, as well as the reason that the resource could not be found. Reasons include:

  • Not found
  • Not authorised
  • DNS not found
  • Blocked
  • Unreachable robots.txt
  • Unreachable
  • Temporarily unreachable
  • Error

The reason itself will affect the response required, as well as the severity on the rendering of the page. Severity is measured as low, medium or high.

High severity missing resources can affect how Google indexes your site, which is why it is important for these to be identified in order for them to be changed.

Having wanted webmasters to stop preventing GoogleBot access to a website resources for some time, Google’s latest feature attempts to counter the problems faced by sites that cannot be indexed properly through lack of full resources.

Full access allows a full render which will ultimately present the site to the user in the way it was intended. With Google’s latest update to the Fetch and Render tool, attempts are being made to let this happen.

The feature is now available on Google Search Console.

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