Google Search Quality Team undergoes name change?

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Matt  Cutts, head of webspam at Google, has reportedly revealed that Google's Search Quality Team, has undergone a name change.

Search Engine Watch have reported that Cutts, speaking at SES San Francisco 2012, stated that it has been renamed as Google's Knowledge Team.

He also stated that Google was looking to make the move away from being recognised and referred to as a search engine, but rather a knowledge engine instead. It has already begun to take steps towards this with the launch of its Knowledge Graph feature in May (2012).

Designed to provide users with a summary of facts positioned on the right-side of the SERP (search engine results page), Google's senior vice president of engineering, Amit Singhal, wrote about the Knowledge Graph upon its launch, in a post published on the search engine's official blog.

He wrote: "We hope this added intelligence will give you a more complete picture of your interest, provide smart search results, and pique your curiosity on new topics. We're proud of our first baby step - the Knowledge Graph - which will enable us to make search more intelligent, moving us closer to the "Star Trek computer" that I've always dreamt of building."

It has also been speculated that the Knowledge Graph could lead to a need for new approaches to be taken towards SEO - placing an emphasis on the need for correlated, authoritative content, as opposed to content crammed with a high number of keywords.

The reported name change seems to be a clear indicator of Google's spam-quashing commitments, so any webmasters still focusing on keyword-stuffed content and other 'grey hat' SEO techniques may wish to take note.

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