Google Searches Down 1 billion from 2014

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ComScore released its December desktop search data on 20 January. The results show that Bing appears to have gained in searches year on year, while Google has drastically declined.

ComScore Stats 560

While Google still held the majority of searches in December 2015 with 63.8%, this was a 1.6% drop year on year and 0.1% month on month. Bing rose from 19.7% in December 2014 to 21.1% in December 2015, while also seeing a 0.2% month on month increase.

Though the figures show a 1 billion loss in searches on desktop over the course of the year, they do not show the equivalent in mobile, which is assumed to be one of the major causes.

With mobile searches overtaking desktop for the first time in 2015, Google’s majority share of these is likely to more than even out the losses experienced over desktop.

With a shift in figures such as this one, it is unpredictable as to whether fluctuation will continue. However, when mobile search query figures are released, a broader understanding of search query market share will be available.

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