Google Shopping Express e-Commerce Service To Go Head-to-Head With Amazon Prime?

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Google loves a challenge. And it’s all set to diversify once again, this time by developing an Amazon Prime rival – Shopping Express. Here, copywriter Jack Adams examines whether the launch of Shopping Express could mark the start of a major push into e-Commerce for the search engine giant.

During the past few weeks, gadget aficionados have been foaming at the mouth at the prospect of pulling off the bespectacled look of ‘90s techno heroes Orbital.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of lie.

But anticipation has been simmering away over a pair of hi-tech glasses – Google’s latest vision of the future, simply entitled GLASS.

However, whilst Google GLASS has succeeded in getting people talking left, right and centre, the search engine giant has also been quietly slaving away over the development of another new, exciting and potentially more important product - Shopping Express.

Rumoured to be in the very early stages of development, according to Reuters, Shopping Express will enable small local businesses to sell their products to Google’s droves of searchers.

Nothing particularly ground breaking about that, right? And isn’t that what it already does by directing searchers to business’s sites via Product Listing Ads and PPC ads?

Well, yes, that’s true.

But with Shopping Express, Google looks all set to lay down the gauntlet to e-Commerce giant Amazon.

The product is expected to go head-to-head with Amazon’s Prime delivery service by enabling shoppers to place their orders and get them delivered on the same day.

Through the service Google will arrange for a courier to collect a customer’s order from a local store, and deliver it right to their front door – rather than dealing with it directly.

With testing on the service already underway, people are now questioning whether Google’s planning to make a fully-fledged leap into the vast e-Commerce pool.

We’re all familiar with the company’s dominance of the search engine market – for example, it’s got a 67% share of the US market, according to comScore’s figures for January.

Although that could come under threat in the future from Amazon. comScore figures, released in 2012, showed search queries on the site increased by 73 per cent, suggesting that consumers were going straight to Amazon to find products, rather than conducting research on Google first.

So surely now would be the perfect time to get working on an e-Commerce platform – an Amazon challenger?

And Google’s recent history displays that it’s more than prepared to rival other well-established services.

It’s attempted to wrestle away social media’s first place rosette away from Facebook with Google+ –albeit with mixed results – and offered an alternative to iTunes in the form of Music on Google Play.

Can we expect to be logging, en masse, into a marketplace run by Google in the future?

The analysts seem to think so, and it certainly sounds like a viable prospect.

Overtaking Amazon though?

That’s likely to be far more difficult, but if anyone’s up for such a significant challenge its Google.

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