Google Testing Labels to Warn Users Off Slow Sites

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Is your website more of an e-snail than a digital dynamo? It might be time to work on your page loading speeds, because Google is testing a way to tell searchers about your sluggish site.

As spotted by K Neeraj Kayastha on Google+, Google seems to be testing bold, red 'Slow' labels in mobile SERPs (search engine results pages). The labels, presumably, appear next to sites that load at a speed that could affect mobile user experience.

Source: K Neeraj Kayastha at Google+

In that sense, the labels are similar in intent to the 'Mobile-friendly' and 'Mobile-unfriendly' labels that Google tested for a time.

These labels were then rolled out, in their positive, 'Mobile-friendly' form.

Google has been very active in extolling the virtues of a good mobile user experience, going as far to say that it was “experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal”.

So, with Google's focus on mobile usability, it seems a fair bet that these labels will also make their way into general usage.

However, at the moment, details are scarce - it's not even clear whether the labels are appearing solely in mobile search results. Though it makes sense that they would be kept mobile-exclusive, as page loading speed tends to cause more problems on mobile devices.

Case in point: A survey by KissMetrics found that the majority of mobile customers would wait just six to ten seconds for a mobile site to load, before abandoning it.

Search Engine Land asked Google for comment on the matter, and was told simply that the search engine was "always experimenting".

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